Salmon Filets with Wine and Dill

1. Main Dish

The idea is to mix some of the (previously saved) Carrots Façon Vichy as well as the (previously saved) mix of fresh onions and fennel from this picture in the Asian-style vegetables. I used frozen organic salmon fillets, and left them to thaw in the fridge on the eve. We add some thyme and laurel within the mixed vegetables.

Figure 1. Ingredients for the Salmon with Carrots, Fennel and Fresh Onions with Dill

First we pour some white wine over the whole dish. Then we sprinkle the salmon with Dill (Aneth) and other cooking herbs such as Sarriette and Oregano. At last, we pour a little olive oil over the salmon.

Figure 2. Pour wine, sprinkle herbs and pour a little olive oil.

Bake on moderate heat for about half an hour (I used 175 Celcius for 30 minutes with a previously heated oven). Make sure the salmon is weel cooked in its heart. It should not be pinky inside, but not parched either.

Figure 3. Checking that the salmon is well cooked.

Note about using wine for cooking:

2. Rice With Aniseed and Nutmeg

I propose as a starchy food some whole rice with aniseed and Nutmeg. The recipe is similar to the rice with herbs but I use a different variety of rice and different herbs.

Figure 4. Cooking whole rice with aniseed.