Chicken With Roasted Apples

The bitter-sweet recipe of chicken and apples consists in browning some chicken after mincing, and letting some minced apples brown and caramelize. Then we mix the ingredients, and we can add some additional elements like minced almonds to make the dish tastier and improve the dish's dietary completenes.

The main difficulty is to avoid that the apples melt and turn into compote. The variety of apples chosen is important in that respect. Then, cooking the apples without cover is an important element. At last, a cooking process with an active phase of about 15 to 20 minutes on higher heat, similar to the carrots façon vichy, is important. The overall cooking time is much shorter, however, and can be limited to about 30 minutes, allowing to undertake and cook the whole dish just before a meal.

Figure 1. Preparing and Cooking Chicken With Roasted Apples.

Figure 2. Chicken With Roasted Apples Results.