Collection of song Lyrics with Chords

The songs lyrics with chords can be downloaded either by separate song PDF file (See the lists of songs in the left-hand menu), or as included in a large PDF file including all the songs.

You can Download here the complete PDF with all the songs, as well as the index with lists of songs in PDF format.).

An index with all the songs is also available, either in a separate file, or as included in the complete PDF file with all the songs. The index comes in three different versions, depending on the song's order:

  • The first version of the songs index is ordered by author/artist name;
  • The second of the songs indext version is ordered by song title;
  • The third version is ordered by song unique ID, which is denoted by "Index": each song is provided with a unique index which is displayed on the top-right corner of each sheet of the corresponding file. The songs in the complete PDF with all the songs are ordered by this unique index. Thus, you can insert a new song in the printed version of the PDF and you would just need to update the song's index, without bothering with downloading an updated version of the complete PDF.