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Title Beginning with A
Song TitleAuthorIndex (Link to PDF)
A BETTER PLACEPlaying for Changepfc-aBette
A DAY IN THE LIFEThe BeatlestheBeatles-aDayIn
A FELICIDADE (O NOSSO AMOR)Vinicius de Moraes, CajobimDeMoraes-aFelic
A MI MANERAGipsy Kingskings-aMiMan
A PIECE OF GROUNDMiriam Makebamakeba-aPiece
ACHY BREAKY HEARTBilly Ray CyrusrayCyrus-achyBr
AINDA BEMMarisa Montemonte-aindaB
ALBERTAEric Claptonclapton-albert
ALL BY MYSELFEric Carmen\ Theme bycarmen-allByM
ALLO PAPA TANGO CHARLIEMort Shumanshuman-alloPa
ANGIEThe Rolling StonestheRollingStones-angie.
AUTOMN LEAVESEric Claptoncosma-automn